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Exceptional Customer Service to Hospice and the Local Community

By keeping hospice organizations as our primary focus, Oxycare Medical Supply Company has become experts in the kinds of equipment and supplies that their patients need most. Local hospice organizations in the area around Metropolitan St. Louis including eastern Missouri and southern Illinois know they can rely on us when they need us most.

Looking to rent equipment? Oxycare Medical Supply Company provides equipment to the public too. Contact Us to learn more.

Oxycare Delivery Trucks

Oxycare Delivery Staff

Renting Quality In-Home Medical Equipment and Supplies to the Community

Oxycare Medical Supply Company understands the often sudden and unpredictable nature of medical care. We have a fleet of delivery trucks staffed with trained equipment technicians to deliver and setup equipment when and where it’s needed.  Our equipment experts also retrieve equipment and supplies when the equipment is no longer needed in a professional and timely manner so neither the caregiver  or the family needs to give it another thought.

Are you or a family member dealing with an injury, short-term illness or recovering from surgery? Oxycare Medical Supply Company rents the same quality equipment to the public on a short-term or long-term basis. Contact Us to learn more.

How can Oxycare Medical Supply Company serve you or your organization today? 

Meet the OxyCare Team

  • Jim WimmerstedtJim Wimmerstedt
    Owner and General Manager
  • Ray FannRay Fann
    Operations Manager
  • Jody McGheeJody McGhee
    Office Manager
  • Ann RuleAnn Rule
    Customer Service Supervisor
  • Greg Dahncke RRTGreg Dahncke RRT
    Clinical Supervisor
  • Jan DavisJan Davis
    Lead Customer Service Rep